A Stab at Organization

Receiving the packing list from the Peace Corps was as overwhelming as getting accepted itself. Ok, maybe not that overwhelming, but it was lengthy…very lengthy. Thank God for Facebook and the ability to communicate with current volunteers that aided in really determining what was needed, such as a good can opener, something that is actually very difficult to purchase in country.

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am not the most organized individual. For those of you who do not know me we well…well now you know that supreme organization is not one of my strongest characteristics. With this being said, I am excited to announce that I am actually slightly prepared for this trip when it comes to packing. As for everything else, that is TBD. A girl can try her best, right?

Anyway, for those of you interested, here is a little overview of how packing is going and some what I am bringing. I’ll start with one of the coolest tools that I was able to acquire…

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Depending on where I will be placed, electricity may be sketchy. So, meet my new friend Fuse 10W Solar Charger. This piece of equipment is so sick. This charger is a  charging solution for laptops (including MacBooks with optional adapter), cameras, and USB devices. You can’t see it so well in the picture, but the panels also clip onto a backpack so you can charge on the go or power up the battery. Voltaic is also pretty awesome because they offer a Peace Corps discount. Pretty neat.


Another fun find was my Trek Light Double Hammock. The Climb offers some serious discounts, and this was one of them! With the warm weather, I am hoping to spend some nice down time in this bad boy…and it may be a nice alternative sleeping option depending on what I am doing. This hammock is HUGE but packs small and light. Not to mention it is so very comfortable.


Another Stephanie fact for those of you just getting to know me. I am highly food driven. Here is a temporary pantry of things I love…Coffee, Pad Thai, and all things peanut butter. Along with the “necessities” there are some practical things that I though of (who am I kidding…my mom thought of them) such as the Bonk Breaker hydration drinks and the complete energy bites if I ever have to encounter a time without coffee. Yes, I just felt shivers down my spine. Thank you Uncle Joe for the jars of Trader Joes instant coffee.I think I have hit up every Luna/Lara/Cliff bar sale that I encountered this summer.


My mother is a saint. Can we all just admire her mum handiwork…

She thought of everything from clove oil for tooth aches to a handy dandy tool kit. I am beyond thankful for her. Especially because she makes up for the gaps in my organizational skills, and while I am focused on swinging around in a hammock, she reminds me that I actually need to take care of myself. Thanks mama bear.

The last thing that I have to share is not even so much because I am excited for these while I am just out of the country, but every girl should know about this. THINX underwear may be your next favorite invention, and trust me, I was skeptical, too. If you don’t want to know, men, close your reading eyes (but I suggest you embrace this part of life like us women have to anyway). THIX has created underwear that are moisture wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak-resistant, stamping them “period-proof”. Check um out.

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Other things that I will be bringing include all of my hygiene necessities, a Bible,  Kindle, laptop,  camera, my trail runners, and appropriate clothes for the culture. My two 50 pound bags are filling up quickly as time ticks on. As of today, I have 17 days to get my act together so, if you remember, add me into your prayers!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Margaret says:

    Love your Blog! I’m REALLY looking forward to an undie review later on!


    1. scare617 says:

      Thank you!! I will let you know how I am liking them in country! As for now, just using them back home has SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of pads and tampons I normally have to use. Even just purchasing one or two pairs is a good investment in my opinion.


  2. Marilyn says:

    Wow! Everything in the photos looks so organized! How come it took us three days to figure out how to pack it all?? I love your blog, too!!


  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Love your blog! I am sending you a letter today 2/26/17. I know it will get there in one month. Yikes! Your in my thoughts and prayers daily. Learn lots, grow, have fun and be safe! Love you lots n’lots….Andrea and Sassy (woof-woof)!


    1. scare617 says:

      Andrea! I love that you are sending me letters! It makes my week when I receive pieces of home ❤


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