All About Steph

img_5916Hello (Salaamu aleikum)!

I am so excited that you have decided to follow, or continue to follow my journeys. As you may know, my chapter in The Gambia has come to a close, and I am in a state of transition. Without Peace Corps…life is a little topsy turvy right now, and this blog has suddenly lost its purpose.

Originally, I created this blog for my family to keep up with my whereabouts and whatnot, but it quickly turned into much more, as I was able to share my experience for the past two years with so many of you! I can’t believe the support that I received. I loved having a reason to write and having a new sense of courage to share my experiences and writing with the public eye.

Now…I am not all exciting in the Peace Corps, though. I still love to write. So, I have decided to keep this blog going! This time around my journey will be a little bit different. Before all of that, I’ll let you read a bit about me…

Originally, I was born a coastie in Maryland but transplanted 10 years later into the new and unfamiliar Midwest (GO PACK GO! CHEESE! BEER!). From spending lots of time in Michigan, Maryland, Wisconsin, Alaska, and now, The Gambia, I consider myself a mutt…in the very best way. Moving on, I was born and then many wonderful, painful, exciting, and interesting events occurred to create the Stephanie that I am today… After interning at Suburban Hospital, an extension of Johns Hopkins Medicine, I joined the Peace Corps in 2016, finished in 2018…so I am going to fast forward to present day me.

I am beginning my newest journey of (get this) LIFE CHANGE at the age of a whopping old 23. Well, 24 as of next month. My BA is in Health Promotion and Wellness and I proudly hold the title of RPCV! How crazy is that?! A childhood dream come true! I have a passion for health and love and life and random things. I am so excited to share my passions with you.

Favorite Hobbies: Snowboarding writing, singing loudly in cars, running, swimming, painting, drawing, lifting, reading, basically anything outdoors, drinking excessive amounts of coffee

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Book: HOW CAN YOU EVEN DECIDE?! Although I still love The BFG…

Favorite Location: Up in the snowy mountains of Alaska with my snowboard and a warm cup of Joe

Bible Verse I live by: Matthew 6:26

So, here I am. Scared out of my mind but beyond excited to start living this new chapter. Thanks for coming along for the ride:)